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Working at Creative Network Studios means NEVER having a typical day at the office. For example, CNS recently agreed to welcome students from The John Crosland School in Charlotte to shadow us. Teacher Cindy Dickinson, along with senior students Sarah, Kruesi (it’s a family name) and Tyler came to the studio to learn more about working in the entertainment industry—what they learned was you never know what to expect and what they got was a crash course in everything from Graphic Design with Jen to Make-Up & Radio Broadcasting/Guerilla Marketing with Jan and Nathan

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They had scheduled to come on a day when CBS Radio was anticipating our Zombie Drop Off to promote ZOMBIE PAINTBALL @ PAINTBALL PARADYES.  CNS’ resident man-of-a-million talents, Nathan, accepted their unbridled eagerness to help him get zombiefied. The eager to get in the act seniors fervently smeared his face with makeup {that he is still digging out of his ears}.  The high school trio carried their youthful enthusiasm over to CBS RADIO, where they got to see where their favorite stations like WSOC 103.7, KISS 95.1 and 610 THE FAN broadcast. The reception of DJs, station managers and employees couldn’t have been warmer.

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It’s worth mentioning that CBS wasn’t expecting the kids but our incredible account rep, and closet entertainer, Doug Towery, graciously invited them along for the tour and the scarefest, so photo ops were everywhere. These kids (and teacher) seemed to have had the time of their life. Sarah wanted to go on camera to document her gratitude, “This is the best day EVER.”  We thought so, too.

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