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We’ve all heard the saying “Once in a blue moon” which according to Wikipedia means VERY RARELY.  AB– Blood is extremely rare as only 0.7% of the country’s population has it flowing thru their veins.  And then there’s Halley’s Comet that passes by every 76 years; rare to see it twice in one’s lifetime but not impossible.  Other naked-eye comets may be brighter and more spectacular, but will appear only once in thousands of years.  So, speaking of spectacular and something that will make history, have you heard our world is about to be visited by ISON Comet?  I found it more than a tad interesting that co-founder and Chairman of Creative Network Studios also bears the Ison surname.


Nostradamus made his predictions in the 1500’s and said that the Sun will appear to double. “The sky will display two suns.” Comet Ison, recently discovered September 2012 by a pair of Russian astronomers, is possibly most noted for its upcoming “sun-grazing” path. Comet ISON is less than 1.763 AU from the sun. That’s over 163+ million miles. There are less than 60 days until ISON reaches perihelion, which is when its orbit will be nearest to the Sun.  Comet ISON and its 40,000-mile-long tail will be visible at night and in the daytime skies for a full two months during November and December 2013.


Does once in a blue moon and rare occurrences seem appropriate right now?  Well, how many reading this have a comet that shares their name?   I thought it’d be cool to pay tribute to our own creative visionary who continues to shoot for the stars on every movie, series, and project we’re involved in.  We’ll leave the sun-grazing to Comet Ison.  Hopefully both Chairman and Comet will play a prominent role in making history; one in the celestial skies, the other in the world of wonder known as entertainment.


Speaking of Comets and entertainment, why not traipse through the Internet Milky Way and wonder thru John Amos’ famed to see how this legendary actor tells the story of his life thru his one-act play that revolves around Halley’s Comet.  It is a wonderful depiction of an 86 year old man who saw the famous heavenly visitor with his grandfather when he was 10 years old, and now, 76 years later is climbing that same mountain to go visit his old “friend” and shares his life story along the proverbial path of wisdom by visiting  John is a dear friend of the crew at The Creative Network Studios, Inc. and was recently in our studios as the featured spokesperson for The Cochran Firm commercials produced for the Washington DC and Baltimore regional offices.


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"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." Edward de Bono