The Most Successful Pairs Making Movies

wes-anderson-bill-murrayThere are some immortal pairs out there: America and Freedom, Bob Saget and a randy joke, Anthony Weiner and a good old fashioned sexual scandal. The list goes on. And while thinking about some of these closes knit symbiotic relationships, we’ve quickly come to realize that some of the best examples dynamic duos come from the movies. Whether we’re watching an artsy Johnny Depp and Tim Burton flick or a classic Hitchcock and Grant film, we love it when these duos continue to produce quality films and mature as a pair of artists. Here are a few of our favorite film pairs and why we love them.

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray

Bill Murray’s dead pan goofiness has always been perfect for Wes Anderson’s quirky off beat scripts, so it comes as no surprise that the two are lifelong partner in film. The two have worked together in The Royal Tennenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, and pretty much every other movie Wes has directed. What makes this duo so good is simply how well their senses of humor match up, heightening weirdness levels to delightful new heights, making all of us feel like kids trapped in a big bubble of reality.

Clint Eastwood and Sergio Leone

Of all the bad or ugly westerns, this duo has only been part of the good. The fame of the spaghetti western would not have reached the cult classic status it’s at today without this duo who together created the immortal Fist Full of Dollars trilogy, the most famous of the films being The Good The Bad and The Ugly. Under Leone’s direction, Eastwood became the immortal gritty cowboy of the Wild West. While their friendship was somewhat fettered by their language barrier, their shared ambition created a shared respect that few duos can match. As an honorable mention, the pairing of John Ford and John Wayne certainly gave the two a run for their money, but True Grit and like films never reached similar levels of desolation and development until the Coen brothers (what is it with these pairs?!) took up the script years later.

Grace Kelly and Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock had an interesting relationship with many of his leading ladies that split half and half between romance and stalking. It was pretty easy to see that unfold as his famed films including characters like Norman Bates. Well regardless, Hitchcock worked with many greats from Jimmy Stewart to Cary Grant, but none of his leading actors quite measured up to his relationship and work with Grace Kelly. Kelly stared in the immortal horror classics Dial M for Murder and Rear Window. Kelly brought a more violent depth to Hitchcock’s films that few of his other leading ladies were ever able to accomplish. Kelly may not have caught her big break without Hitchcock, and likewise, Hitchcock may have never been able to utilize such a terrific strong presence in his films.

Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro

“Are you talkin’ to me?” We can only assume this was what DeNiro first asked Scorsese when he originally cast DeNiro in their first movie together, and since, this pair has cranked out Oscar nomination after Oscar nomination, all starting with the street gritty Taxi Driver from 1976. Add immortal classics like Raging Bull and Goodfellas and you can see why this pair made our list. Part of the reason for their success was a shared devotion to utilizing improvisational techniques while shooting. Also, with Scorsese’s inclinations towards the dark modern male, De Niro’s own impressive physique and brooding nature only furthered Martin’s impact on gang and city drama.

George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

Not all of these beloved teams consist of an actor and a director. Spielberg and Lucas have generated countless hours of fantastic entertainment with their collaboration to bring the Indiana Jones franchise to life. The two have been lifelong friends, who often helped each other with scripts, special effects, and together have accrued a slew of Oscar nominations. The pair have also both matured immensely since their early Raiders of the Lost Ark days, as now both are heavily invested in their families and children. Unfortunately, some have argued this maturation left the pair less gutsy with the dreaded fourth installment of Indiana Jones, which came off as corny, childish, and, well, a lot less violent compared to their earlier Temple of Doom heart extracting, monkey brain eating fare.

Now the number of terrific pairings through the ages was so long, we were disgusted with how many awesome duos we had to leave out. Some of our honorable mentions included Woody Allen and Diane Keaton, Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra, Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino, and finally, Federico Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni. And while all of these pairings are immortally fantastic, none seemed to influence film quite like the ones mentioned up above. To check out more of these great duos click . To see some of our favorite actors we’ve worked with through the years, make sure to check us out at .

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