Tech Thursdays: New Facebook Graph to Help Marketing


Just when you thought the internet couldn’t have more ways to record data and feed admirers, stalkers, and government agencies more information about you, Facebook has just announced that it’s recent additions to Facebook Graph Search. These new tools will allow users to search conversation topics, key words, and points of interest within individual status updates, comments, and posts. For example, if a status stated, “I love the Jerry Springer Show”, or if a comment argued “You can go to @#$# and $%%^@#$% because you don’t like the Jerry Springer Show”, these posts would pop up while searching “Jerry Springer”.

One of the main advantages to this system is largely based around television viewership, as special events like the Emmy’s, NBC’s Sunday Night Football, and even the recent Breaking Bad finale, all use this new technology to garner even more attention, not to mention some spectacular feed back and conversations about viewer opinions on the productions. The consumer will also feel more important, as his or her two cents will be processed within a list of compliments or complaints logged online.

During many of these prime time events, Facebook’s Q2 earnings suggest that anywhere between 85 to 100 million individuals are on social media, so estimates suggest the earnings and success rate of this new graph could be an incredibly effective form of marketing.

Facebook’s Graph works by allowing users to actively look at on going forums about current TV topics in which they are able to contribute feed back or personal opinions. Unfortunately these topics may be prone to spam, or occasional trolling or misinformed individuals, seeing how anyone can post no matter how high their level of expertise. This has also started a new trend on the professional level, as Facebook plans to partner with networks including Fox Sports, and a series of other television stations to keep pushing Nielsen ratings.

Twitter also looks to be jumping on the bandwagon by creating new similar software, partnering with such well known stations as CBS as well as the NFL. This will also bring real time video to Twitter streams, essentially revolutionizing Twitter’s abilities and purpose.

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