Tech Thursday: Adobe Elements

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This week Adobe released its latest elements software involving the widely popular Photoshop and Premier programs which have an added series of new tools to aid in video and photo production, and while we here at CNS are pretty well set on our programs, these techs provide an efficient new pair of programs for new users.

Photoshop Elements has added in a few helpful new features, most notably the Content Aware tool, which allows users to shift pictures to different positions. And just when we thought we couldn’t be trendy enough, the new Photoshop even offers Instagram frames and effects. We can only assume this is fantastic for tricking friends into believing your “no filter” pictures are really as candid as you say they are.

Premier Elements has some basic additions, including a whopping 50 new music bits as well as 250 more sound effects for the audio inclined. The tech also comes with some incredibly helpful video guides to help new users figure out the technology. Now lazy users won’t have to spend countless seconds searching Youtube for answers that are now in front of them.

What is possibly the biggest change in the technology, though is not technological, but instead financial, is the programs now individually only sell for $99 and together are even cheaper at $149. To those who can’t even afford this, the monthly rate is unbelievably cheap at a meager $9.99, which compares to a Netflix membership.

If your video, graphic design, or marketing needs ever exceed the abilities of these programs, make sure to contact us and visit us at!  We’ve got graphic chops that’ll blow your mind and grab the world’s attention!

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