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You might be contemplating the potential impact of social media in your business marketing strategy. Perhaps you have even wondered if it’s just hype and might be another here today- gone tomorrow trend. Ever-changing options and rankings in popularity make keeping up with latest social media changes not easy.

With over five billion searches a day, Google is clearly the world’s number one research tool. It is almost guaranteed that prospective clients, employees, business partners, and colleagues will use it to connect. If you’re avoiding social media, you’re invisible to those who seek what you have to offer. Be visible and available so that you can maximize potential connections.

Connecting with your virtual brand community helps you build and nurture real relationships – relationships that will increase your success. You can promote your social media profiles by adding them to your website. Simply updating your status on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook is an easy way to stay current and let people know what you’re up to.

Social media only works if you work it. Consistency builds recognition and memorability. To make consistency happen, create a routine by adding social media activities to your calendar or to-do-list. After your social media profile has been established, you can track its effectiveness. There are a number of tools and platforms created that enable brands to track the results of their social media campaigns.

Once you have a handle on your social media, you may then start a blog. Social sharing is a great marketing tool. Having a blog gives you something to “share.” Content from your blog can be recycled on your website, Facebook, Twitter, and vice versa. Once established, then all you need to do is keep the ball rolling.  Thanks for checking us out @, where we appreciate you and telling your friends to check us out too!

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