Reelin’ in a BIG FISH…


A call came from Big Fish USA @BigFishUSA, to capture green screen interview footage of one of their star personalities, Dutchess Lattimore @Dutchessofln, from VH1’s mega-hit multi-series franchise Black Ink Crew.

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Although CNS won’t be getting a tattoo any time soon, Big Fish Entertainment crew and Black Ink talent Dutchess definitely left a lasting impression via their perfectly executed production skills and talent direction.  When the production process is entertaining, the final cuts will definitely reflect that electric atmosphere @ CNS.  Adherence to script demands and reality drama, Dutchess’ captivating beauty and bigger-than-life personality, were a welcomed jolt of real life entertainment.

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The small, but extremely efficient Big Fish Entertainment crew made up of Producer Slane, Audio Cory and Makeup Stylist Unique was impressive.  CNS’s own Nathan Wheeler completed the Dutchess dedicated crew by running camera, with few cuts called due to her wide- open style of telling it like she sees it; bleeps and all.

There’s nothing tight-lipped about Dutchess, and CNS feels the same when it comes to giving kudos to Big Fish Entertainment and the professional style in which they produce their mega-hit shows.  It was great having them!

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