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Some productions can have producers walk a tight rope, manage overzealous actors, change expenses, and make sure the “gopher” arrives precisely at lunch with all the right sandwiches. As for the case of last weekend’s impressive entertainment at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the production took on a far more literal meaning as Lijana and Nik Wallenda teetered barefooted 140’ feet above the infield before the Bank of America 500.  Their famous father watched from below as his seventh generation Flying Wallenda brother and daughter thrilled the gasping NASCAR race fans.  This was a great example of how successful marketing plays better the greater the theater, aka the greater the Wow Factor in front of a live 100,000 plus audience.


One of the more interesting things about this weekend’s performance was how it captured a unique nostalgia of times past by blending production tactics with old school entertainment. There are few things more exciting than a live performance, when production teams have the opportunity to blend their cinematic expertise with the childlike inspiring magic of the circus. Commenting on both the intensity of the walk and the opportunity to perform with her brother Lijana stated “We don’t perform like this very often”, showing the unique nature of this extravaganza above the expectant racing enthusiasts. Meanwhile, multiple camera television production allowed for this once –in-a-lifetime  “racing space walk” to be seen on a national scale, helping to promote the heart pumping excitement that helps market the sport of stock car racing.  This simple but effective demonstration of talented circus-type performers, enhanced by the drama of the sibling’s danger- suggestive comments exemplifies how melodrama will never lose its place in marketing.


In good fun, a fan joked at Nik on his Twitter page that the Charlotte Speedway wasn’t best noted for its sturdy cables. This was of course referencing an accident at the Speedway earlier this year involving a FOX Sports cable that snapped mid race, but regardless of the all too realistic joke, the pair performed perfectly. Of course while the risks of the sibling acrobatic pair involved a 140’ plunge to their death, or that their prep crew didn’t tie a knot quite right, a producer also faces similar risks, counting on each of the team players to perform each of their responsibilities as planned.


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