Production Tuesdays: A Producer’s Guide To Shooting Charlotte

Charlotte Night

North Carolina is a terrific place to produce films and Charlotte is no exception. Charlotte has seen her fair share of films, and is currently producing Homeland and Sleepy Hollow, two of the biggest shows on television now.  The crew base in North Carolina is a huge draw.  You won’t need to ship in equipment or pay a lot of travel expense because North Carolina’s boasts a wide range of Cameramen, line producers, script supers, continuity, gaffers, grips, makeup artists, still photographers, Ads, producers, accountants, production coordinators, the list of highly qualified film crew is a true natural resource.  And if that’s not enough to turn your head, here are a few more helpful tips to persuade you make movie magic in the pride of the South.

Charlotte is an epicenter to the US banking industry, a long-time hub on the NASCAR race circuit, and, not to mention, contains several impressive sports arenas and large beautiful urban sprawls, making it a good place to shoot everything from bank heist films, to sports flicks, to inner city dramas.

Downtown isn’t the only place that’s prime for filming, as Charlotte is surrounded by the glorious North Carolina locals, featuring amazing lakes, scenic mountains and small towns, perfect for all your rural needs. Neighboring areas such as Asheville have provided locations for such feature films as The Hunger Games, Dirty Dancing and Last of the Mohicans, and continues to thrive with both nature pieces and blockbuster hits.

Yet another major pro to filming in Charlotte is its fantastic year-round weather, usually boasting blue skies, and temperatures that seasonally range from 70 to 90 degrees in the spring through fall, with an average of 45 degrees in the winter.

When picking your work force and studio to work with though, you’ll of course want to contact CNS for any professional studio help you might need. Be it our green screen, multi-faceted back studio, pre-built sets and workshop to build your own, or our two-walled large white cyclorama, we have it all. Not to mention we have the talent to back it up, and will go above and beyond what you might need to make your production cost effective and superior quality.

If we’ve wooed you to come to our beautiful accommodating city, make sure to check out our facilities on the web at and like us on Facebook and Twitter for new stories and information. And remember, should you choose to  shoot in Charlotte, CNS knows crew, equipment and just how convenient it is to be within 10 minutes of Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

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