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CNS President Jan Ison, recently met Sarah Lindquist, Founder of Clearly Creative, a multi-faceted agency located in New Hampshire.  Sarah’s company has a wide range of clients and was very receptive to introducing the production services offered by CNS into her portfolio offerings. 

Our first foray into her mix of retail clients was New Hampshire’s Nashua Hyundai Dealer, part of the Thompson Auto Group.  All elements were provided by Clearly Creative such as campaign theme, national running Hyundai footage, voiceover, jingle and underlying music.  CNS was given the order to bring it all together in a thirty second TV ad that incorporated countdown animation, graphics and sound effects that reinforced the hard-selling elements of this retail spot. 

CNS Creative Director, Jen Smith then incorporated those same graphic elements into three website banner ads, thereby providing the transfer identity of TV ads to website promotions.

Clearly Creative is a lean, efficient and effective advertising agency with a start-to-finish customer service philosophy. With over sixty years combined media experience in television, radio, print, outdoor, on-line web advertising, search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, working with local and national clients to cut through the clutter with strategic advertising and marketing.

I have been a Casting Director for close to 20 years and have cast remotely and in studios all over the world.  Any worries that I may have had coming to Charlotte were immediately erased by the equipment available at Creative Networks. I was equally touched by the incredible “will do anything for you” attitude of Jan and Charles, the owners, and their staff. The rates suited my budget, and the broad expertise of Nathan the technical wizard made me feel safe and well taken care of.  And guess what? As soon as I got off the plane, Jan called and insisted on picking me up at the airport so she could give me a personal tour of the studio before taking me back to the hotel. Incredible professional services, lovely people and a fascinating place to work out of. You should check out the NASCAR rigs hanging from the ceiling. WOW!  I highly recommend the Creative Networks facility for casting and/or shooting your next project. Toni Cervantes, Casting Director – Cervantes Nomad CastingToni CervantesNomad Casting
"THE CLIENT LOVES THE SPOT!!!!" (Kathy Crummley)OwnerNashua Hyundai
“You did an amazing job!” Matt Lindquist Director of Sales Clearly CreativeCleary Creative Advertisement Agency
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