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Vegas Entertainment Network is a website that brings Las Vegas directly into the homes of viewers around the globe. is the online place where adults go when they want to run away from home.
  • 10/09/2013

    Nashua Hyundai

    CNS President Jan Ison, recently met Sarah Lindquist, Founder of Clearly Creative, a multi-faceted agency located in New Hampshire. Sarah’s company has a wide range of clients and was very receptive to introducing the production services offered by CNS into her portfolio offerings.

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    Publication Designs

    These publication Designs were done for various events. What's On magazine asked Vegas Entertainment Network to design a cover on two occasions. The first was for the magazines own V Awards which were given to top restaurants, locations and hotels.

  • Handouts

    2004 - 2007

    Marketing Material

    Marketing Material were designed to be used to increase sales in advertisements and increase viewers online. Every design is geared around the logo but also highlighting parts of the brand like talent.

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    2005 - 2007


    Advertisements promoting The Vegas Entertainment Network's website This was a six month campaign spanning twelve publications in What's On Magazine.

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    Neon Graveyard

    Neon Graveyard is a 30-minute program that explores the side-show lives and after-midnight hangouts of the Las Vegas not found on any Rand McNally roadmaps. Guiding the viewers through the underbelly of this desert sandbox are a husband and wife who eat fire, tame cockroaches and rescue pythons, lizards and other homeless scaly reptiles.

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