Mr Blacklist Awakens


A few movies have come and gone since the cameras have rolled on Mr. Blacklist, but Cyrus King’s natural talent and charisma haven’t missed a plot. Falling easily back into his role as the resident movie (and everything) critic, Mr. Blacklist, he is living proof that the truly great ones make it look easy.

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Always a pop culture savant, Mr. Blacklist dons the appropriate attire for each review and always looks his best thanks to make-up master THE Cory King…not just another make-up artist, a magician really—not that Mr. Blacklist needed much help as he seems to never age and his comedic timing is timeless.


Working from a script penned by Nathan Wheeler (cameraman/director), Mr. Blacklist “Awakens” and is just as fresh and witty as ever. The creative eyes of assistant director, Jan Ison and script super, Jaclyn Roth only enhance the vision as they worked hard behind the scenes to give the return of an icon the grandeur it is due. True to form, Blacklist puts his own spin on the material and gives the new Star Wars and James Bond movie reviews that are every bit as much a blockbuster as they are certain to be.

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"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." Edward de Bono