Marketing Mondays: Using Star Power

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A few weeks ago we had a very special visitor in the studios, and while I’m obligated not to say who (feel free to bribe me if you’re that interested), I, the lowly intern, had a severe case of star struck lightheadedness that obliterated my ability to perform witty comments, make interesting conversation, and avoid tripping over various objects in the room. I hope I am not alone. For those of us in showbiz (or just desperately tossing scripts and improvisational auditions at whatever big name in film is passing by) we can all relate to this moment of pure infatuation with the aura of lavish celebrity wealth and creativity.

So how do stars get to the point where they can hold a room in awe with a short quip or a wave of their hand? To some it comes naturally of course, but the art of marketing your own personal star power is catching on and surprisingly doesn’t only pertain to Hollywood bound wannabes anymore. These ways to give yourself “star power” can work terrifically to boost your respectability from business to the stage. Forbes has given a specific list of some of the most helpful ways to market your own star power.

Nearly any profession is filled with emotion. Lawyers give dramatic mournful speeches, salespeople deliver overly excited pitches, plumbers have that subtle yet sinister candidness as they pull their pants up and give you the final bill. All of these fields in some way utilize acting to benefit themselves, so Forbes suggests, why not improve these tactics with acting classes? For the rigid or seemingly stoic, improv or acting classes can actually help you get in touch with many real emotions, making you comfortable in situations in which you must use them as a selling point. You can use your own mastery of emotions to become that convincing hero in your workplace.

Now while many stars are delightfully charitable and overall pretty good people, People magazine has shown us that they know how to get what they want. As Forbes blatantly says it, “Stars get what they want” and this comes from a firm control of your desires, instincts, and even time management. Stars don’t scurry to meetings, they don’t avoid necessary conflict – they simply work around their surroundings to get the outcome they want. And the best do so by being comfortable and confident rather than throwing a tantrum or passively aggressively manipulating the people around them.

Above all else though, star power doesn’t come from fancy cars, swanky restaurants, or a butler named Jeeves, Oscar, or Alfred. The key to marketing oneself is simply being in true control of one’s own energy and abilities. Stars don’t care what those around them are doing, or what others think of them, but simply manage their own lives. Any self-help book would tell you the same, but instead of focusing on making yourself marketable, finding a way to utilize star power is far more about making the already marketable you full front and center.

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