Fifteen Reasons Digital Marketing Works For Us...and Not For You


            While we’re nearing the end of the 2013 season (and quite possibly the economy as we know it unless Congress can get their act together before Thursday), the wonderful world of marketing has actually taken some enormous steps forward. Today we’re going to be focusing largely on some of the technology that has greatly evolved this year, revolutionizing customer interaction as well as digital’s role in advertising, sales, and overall marketing.

One of the most unique, and possibly controversial technological components to rock the marketplace this year was the improvement on what is known as the “digital wallet”- aka. credit programs or cards that are readable on digital devices such as iphones. Now while “mobile payments” may seem somewhat of a mundane change, the digital wallet actually has an impressive transactional marketing application, which largely traces customer analytics, while also utilizing this as a means to encourage loyalty programs based on past purchase history. Sure it may seem a little bit like Big Brother is getting his foot in the door, but we may as well capitalizing the trending 1984 themes while they’re still profitable.


While social media has been a buzz phrase for a while in the marketing realm, in the past year, groups like Facebook, Twitter and now LinkedIn have been evolving from friend networking sites to full-on professional enterprises that incorporate legitimate marketing strategies. And while many businesses focus first on their businesses “likes” on Facebook, or followers on Twitter, the next step involves a far more professional attempt to actively seek unique transactional marketing efforts, Facebook yield, and new customer acquisition. At CNS we like to also utilize Facebook to direct customers back to our site, and not to mention, promote our blog in a fun, yet professional manner.


The mobility of technology has also shifted marketing in a new direction, as laptops, I-pads, and smartphones are where a majority of consumers now receive their information, as well as advertisements, showing that any company not investing in marketing for these new technologies may soon be a goner. Not only do these new platforms require separate programming and app making, but also marketers must find new quick ways to market their own mobile sites. Here at CNS we have recently perfected the art of making out own web sites marketable on all new devices, and the market reached has dramatically increased.

While at first they seemed to be a simple passing trend, QR codes have finally taken root in many major businesses and have played a vital role in marketing and advertising campaigns. For the less technologically inclined, a QR code is the funky maze looking stamp, which is a link to a home page or specific advertisement, and is pictured below.


What’s drastically changed about their use is that now these codes can actually be used as a means of purchasing items, making it all the more trendy, exciting, and of course, convenient, to buy your product.

CNS is a pro at staying on top of the latest trends and technologies in advertising and marketing, so if you have any further questions, make sure to visit us at and don’t forget to like our Facebook page! It’s both trendy, entertaining and effective.

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