Marketing Mondays: Attacking with Guerilla Marketing

Gorilla Marketing

It was a warm afternoon at one of South Africa’s hottest music festivals when patrons saw something coming from the skies. Like a blitz attack from above, repurposed flying machines swept through paradropping what appeared to be large packages that floated down to the festival. Upon arrival, patrons of the concert quickly realized that the care packages were filled with a popular South African beer, and they had been the recipients of a terrific guerilla marketing scheme.

The term guerilla warfare lends itself to something more commonly identified alongside the likes of the Vietnam war, or the works of Jane Goodall, but the impromptu “surprise attack” style of advertising has become a terrifically effective form of getting out your message with a unique new spin sure to grab people’s attentions.

So what exactly is the specific definition of guerilla marketing? Well, much like its warfare counterpart, guerilla marketing’s soul purpose is to surprise attack potential consumers with your product, in a fun, jarring, and innovative way when they’re least expecting it. These schemes take a variety of forms, ranging from simply planting your logo in a creative place, to actively bombing your audience with your product. Here’s a quick list of some more ideas to help your business with its guerilla marketing ideas.

McDonald’s “FrieWay” Here McDonald’s found an incredibly cheap way to incorporate their logo into their customers’ everyday lives, and spark their hunger for some good old fashioned French fries.


VISA at the Ballpark is a fantastic, all be it a smidgen expensive, example of attention grabbing guerilla marketing. We can’t imagine how many people had to take a double take before they realized they would not actually need any windshield repair, but once they did, they were sure to know about VISA.


The Sopranos “Taxi-dermy”  – Often television shows and films utilize guerilla marketing pretty heavily, and here’s the perfect example of an eye grabbing moment for the Soprano’s. Incredibly self-explanatory, the Sopranos knows just how to grab your attention without spending a whole lot of money.


So have we inspired any great new guerilla marketing ideas? If you’re still stumped make sure to contact CNS at and we’ll surprise you with just how good our marketing ideas are!

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