Despite last week’s vote to extend the debt ceiling and reopen the government, there is still considerable skepticism across America for our future success and ability to operate as an independent country. We are a nation plagued by outsourcing of labor and an emphatic shift away from main-street, instead focusing primarily on international industry and markets. But, while all may seem lost to some, John Ratzenberger’s latest exploration of American made industry and entrepreneurship is pushing to debunk these growing fears that American ingenuity and business, as well as products from the USA, are some of the best in the world.

John Ratzenberger, possibly most renowned for his roll as mailman Cliff from Cheers or his voice acting for Pixar, is taking up the torch once again to encourage Americans to buy local and support American industry in his new show American Made. Similar to an earlier Travel Channel show titled Made in America (which ran an impressive five seasons), Ratzenberger again hopes to highlight American companies, manufacturers and products all developed on red white and blue soil.

Cliff-from Cheers

Ratzenberger once stated that looking around him, the America he knows “is fading fast, if it’s not already gone”, but his recent show hopes to discourage this notion, as the show’s emphasis focuses on America’s own incredibly unique world-renowned products. Be it the rock-star famous Gibson Guitars plant, the creative Crayola Crayon Factory, or the delicious Sam Adams brewery, Ratzenberger hopes to show that this true innovative and hard working America is just as strong as it was in his youth.

John Ratzenberger's Made In America

American Made is currently in the process of raising funds, and has garnered the attention of famed American entrepreneur Donald Trump’s own fund raising platform, at . We encourage you to continue to follow Ratzenberger’s efforts, and donate to the show’s platform if you can with your submission of Made in America plants and businesses.  This patriotic and small town endeavor could just help redirect our country towards industrial competivity and prosperity, but above all else, celebrates all of the hard working people that have helped to build America.

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