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            In its most recent “5 Big Tips” to help with marketing, Forbes Online stated that marketing direction has been terribly skewed by Facebook likes and Tweets, focusing too much on daily sales, and a general lack of marketing on a grand scale. As a lowly business blogger I’m quite disheartened by this, but the honest truth is that big marketing maneuvers, if done with precision and intense research are bound to have a much greater impact on your company’s marketing schemes. Here are Forbes’ big ideas that could push your marketing over the creative edge.

            Someone who always thought on a grand strategy scale was Walt Disney, and this first step is something he perfected. Before any gigantic boosts in company production or morale, CEOs and marketing executives have to even prepare themselves to think on a larger scale, implementing what Forbes calls “Big Strategy.” This calls for significant levels of mathematics skills, big plans for business, and a pretty gutsy attitude. This stage perhaps has far more to do with your product and thinking on an innovative scale in business, and only ties in marketing at the end. For Walt, this ended up playing out so his parks focused on his films, a fact that in recent years has reversed. Marketing simply comes along with new investment and grand scale opportunity.

I once had a friend who while watching any sport would say that the team with “Big Plays” would win the game. And as painfully obvious and obnoxious as these observations could be, the same goes for business and marketing. The Big Play in this sense however isn’t necessarily a gigantic random idea that we hope will be a breakthrough new idea, but instead a careful analysis of what area of the market is most primed for success. In essence, this marketing big play is like aiming for the opening in the outfield rather than swinging hard hoping for a home run. One of the best examples of this is “Smarter Planet,” which utilized integrated well thought tactics to exploit open areas of the market.

Also related to big plays is an emphasis on placing your marketing chips on big bets that reflect your own organization values. These values could be profit, acquisition, family friendliness; make sure to pick your company values and advertise them as so. Johnson & Johnson has become one of the most successful family businesses because its marketing scheme largely reflects its appreciation of the family. This plays just as well for Hardees, whose sexy burger commercials have garnered a large helping of college to middle aged fans, all of which have an appetite equal to their libidos. It shows how diverse your marketing scheme can be, and if you bet on what you think your customer is interested in, you can’t help but find success.

Though taken a bit aback when I saw this was the last step, it essentially summarizes the entirety of big marketing in a nutshell. Forbes states that in order to truly succeed in marketing you need “Big Balls.” Rather than vying solely towards trending new marketing ideas, you have to think both out of the box, while calculating your best chances at success. You have to take risks in order to get the end true pay off. Whether these risks are an innovative new guerilla marketing scheme, or shaping your business around certain ideals, it takes guts to escape the tropes of advertising and marketing, but if you do so carefully, it’s going to pay off.

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