It’s October in March…

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Creative Network Studios welcomed back October Films, London office for the third time. In their ongoing production work for a Discovery Network upcoming show, October Films is spot-on regarding their quality control. Creative Network Studios supplied the soundproofed recording studios, while also providing a list of experienced audio engineers. Long-time freelancer and friend Sid Williams (, whose 30+ years of experience was the audio engineer of choice by our clients from across the pond. Call time was 10:30 Thursday morning, but Sid, the consummate professional, pulled into 4202 Barringer Drive, Charlotte, NC by 9:15, in order to have his equipment set up and tested long before the talent’s anticipated arrival. CNS’s Nathan Wheeler, the man of several hats, represented CNS masterfully by not only assisting Sid with his set-up, but welcomed back one of the featured talents for the upcoming series. This survivor stated how frightened she was the first time as she had to relive a near-death experience, but was far more relaxed this time thanks to the inviting and creative vibe of CNS and Nathan’s humorous take on life.



Creative Network Studios is an appealing production facility, complete with a 25’x30” pre-lit Green Screen and large 36’x30’ white cyc stage, not to mention crew and staff that loves what we do. We’re eager to help anyone and everyone who chooses CNS for their creative and production needs, want to do so over and over again, just as October Films and others continue to do.

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