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Happy Halloween everyone!  Nathan here at Creative Network Studios. First, I would like to have it known that I have been fortunate in my job to meet and work with some major talent. This next gentleman is no exception. It was my pleasure to get to interview Daniel Greene, one of the stars of one of my Halloween staples, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, for a making of documentary to be included in an upcoming special Blu Ray release of the film.

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 He was truly gracious, humble and a star in every sense of the word. Danny, as I now get to call him, truly appreciated the studio and was game to work with me on a few promos for our own use (which says a lot when you consider my sense of humor).


This small world became a little smaller when it was brought to light that Danny’s wife, LaGena Hart, worked with CNS’ own Charles Ison on one of his early horror flicks, Death Screams.

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Daniel Greene is a genuine testament to how a star should be with crew, fans and in this case, both.

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