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Ladies, you can’t deny that a guy who is good with pets and has a green thumb is extra cute. And fellas, we can’t deny that a woman in hiking boots with a passion for protecting wildlife is automatically smokin’. Sure the GREEN movement has long been more exemplified by hippies or dopey PSA announcements, but sustainability in recent years has been pushed as a major trend. And in all honesty, graphic designers and sustainable marketing have helped set pace in these in the ever-growing GREEN trends that are looking to keep the world a better, cleaner place. Designers have made GREEN family friendly, outdoorsy, and even in some cases, incredibly sexy for their impressive success.

While Kermit the Frog once sang that it’s not easy being green, the Jim Henson Muppet never had to deal with the recent push towards a “holistic view” of sustainability, in which businesses don’t simply want to use less paper, and pick eco friendly light bulbs. Instead, marketing and design now hopes to hit your business hard so you can’t escape the over lording figure of Mother Earth breathing down your “un-green” neck.

GREEN graphic firms range from a variety of techniques.  Whether it’s artistic depictions of flowers, plants, and animals, or rustic and classic outdoors geared to preserve nature, local environmental groups encourage health and cost benefits of sustainability and promote GREEN as in environment, GREEN as in monetary motivation and GREEN as in preventative health.

This brings us to Creative Network’s own impressive GREEN work in the organic and sustainable food websites, The V Food Groups { }.  CNS has taken elements of all of these varying techniques into an education and entertainment hybrid that encourages healthy lifestyles and sustainable nutritional habits. These sites largely focus on information ranging from recipes, healthy lifestyles and trends, and many similar GREEN choices of America’s organic chefs and the Vegetarian agenda. Combining entertainment, artistic direction and healthy lifestyle choices, CNS’s V Food Groups are the prime example of the GREEN INITIATIVE AND MARKETING working at its best!

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John Amos is an avid believer in going GREEN! See what this well respected actor and purveyor of giving back to our world at  Each website included in our V Food Group portrays our GREEN graphic designs at their best.  Want us to help color your world GREEN?  Contact us via !

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