Friday the 13th: a bad day for movie’s camp counselors…great day for high schoolers at CNS

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Friday, March 13th turned out to be lucky for Creative Network Studios and sixteen Journalism/Broadcasting students from J. M. Robinson High School with teacher Tina Platk.   After re-scheduling due to a heavy production load, CNS hosted these young talents throughout an hour long tour of our eclectic production studios, with a private screening of a few production reels.  From stories and commercials of legendary lawyer Johnnie Cochran to Academy Award winning Jack Palance, with a few more featured names who’ve graced our stages such as John Amos of Good Times and Coming to America fame, these entertainment industry apprentices were shown the production ropes through the eyes of CNS.   We were able to describe firsthand a personal perspective of creating, writing, shooting, producing and ultimately distributing commercials, videos and movies.  Nathan not only prepped the studios for their much anticipated visit, but was given some well-deserved time in the spotlight during the playing of our character reel, which features many of his extremely entertaining on-camera personalities.



Within the group there was a prospective nurse, Navy recruit, novice editors and writers, aspiring “famous” singer/rapper, and one obvious dog whisperer whom Skipper honed in on.


Although many were perhaps too shy to express their aspirations, or still in the architectural process of defining their career dreams, they were appropriately attentive to the stories from what may have been a long winded tour guide…



I’m a firm believer that you can teach just about anything (except attitude).  These young people were encouraged to fall in love with what they do, and be grateful in the process.  Their attitudes seemed fresh and eager to discover what lies beyond the classroom walls.  No doubt, it is teachers like Tina who strive to take inspirational road trips that can potentially light a fire of ambition, if just within one wide-eyed dreamer.  Today, there were sixteen chances for CNS’ creative environment to kindle that blaze of aspiration.  We’ll be scanning the trades in the future to see how these fresh faces mature.



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