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Edisun, based out of Norwalk, Conn., was the first rock band to perform for the U.S. Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The band has played in more than 20 countries for the Armed Forces Entertainment and the USO and recently we had the privilege of having them rock Creative Network Studios.

Filming began early on March 20th for their latest single, PENNY ARCADE,  and take after take the band gave 120% and, having shot a few music videos at the studio before, I can safely say it was a song that didn’t get old—I still went home humming the tune and attempting the high notes that lead singer Ethan Isaac made look easy…but trust me and the people in the cars at the stop light next to me, he does it much better. Even our graphic artist admits to having to go home and play rock band after attending their concert.

What do they play? The band blends classic and modern rock seamlessly creating an organic and genuine sound. However, they do admit to being influenced by Led Zeppelin, Kings of Leon, U2, Incubus and Pearl Jam but after seeing and hearing them rock to their lyric-driven emotion-based music for an entire day it is safe to say they are indeed an original. Duke Ellington once said that “music feeds the soul”…well you can treat yourself to a feast with Edisun.

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