Dogs in the Workplace

Tired11With cameras rolling, editors spending hours on the computer, and divas throwing tantrums, many studios have found that the cure for the constant stress of making movies is actually man’s best friend. Many studios in LA have long allowed dogs on site, and the trend is starting to catch. But whether these dog friendly policies are an attempt to save rescue dogs or a fun chance to spend more time with your furry pal, there are ample benefits for bringing your dogs into work.

A recent study at Virginia Commonwealth University reported that inviting our canine companions into the workplace lowers stress levels and boosts morale and productivity. Yes having that cute fuzzy smiling puppy at your feet, you can save ulcers, headaches, and general grumpiness. For more evidence, a separate study at Central Michigan University as workers with dogs gave their teammates higher scores during evaluation periods, implying dogs work great for increasing workplace synergy. With this scientific evidence, is it any wonder that many of the best companies are choosing to allow dogs in the work place?

Speaking of the best companies, some of the best film groups in LA boast dog friendly campuses. Authentic Entertainment, home to major hit reality shows like “Toddlers in Tiaras” and “Honey Boo Boo”, encourages all employees to bring in their dogs. We can only assume that petting your content pup is a huge relief from all the two-year old temper tantrums. Another dog friendly studio mentions canines in its name. Black Dog Films, best known for its impressive music videos as well as the hit show “Numb3rs”, welcomes all hounds. The beloved Jim Henson Company takes its dog love a step further, as it is a major proponent of dogs in the work place, but also emphasizes the importance of sheltering rescue dogs as company pets. But dog friendly isn’t simply a movie studio endeavor. Non-studio businesses like Hot Topic and Countdown Principles have long adopted employee pets into the company family, and have some of the most unique and inspired alternative clothing in America today.

If you’re looking to make your business dog friendly, there are a few things to consider. Dogs allowed at the business should sociable, well behaved, and of course house broken before they are allowed to join their fellow canines at work. Also keep in mind some people in the work place may be nervous around dogs, or allergic to them, so it never hurts to maintain a dog free section in the workplace.

By following these rules and checking out these examples you can make your business dog friendly. And if you’re still skeptical about allowing your pooch on premise, you should know that here at CNS we’ve been dog friendly since we opened our doors in 1989.

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