CNS Movie Fix: Food in Film


CNS Movie Fix: Food in Movies

            I’m sitting here writing this with about forty-five minutes to go until lunch-time. In our fridge sits a delicious heap of lime cilantro quinoa with a hearty topping of mango salsa, waiting for my arrival, and to make matters worse, the recent trailer for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 features some of my all time favorite culinary items, now in even cooler looking critter form. We’re honestly pretty sure that the inspiration for the film’s delicious cretaceous take on Jurassic Park was inspired from those beloved dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets we ate as children. Who’s hungry now?

So as a quick antipasto to tide us over until we fill our bellies, we figured why not revisit some Hollywood favorites regarding food? There is a pretty bountiful number of foodie films, ranging from the dessert lover’s Chocolat, to depictions of a hardworking wait staff as seen in Waitress. Hollywood has long embraced the art of cooking right next to the art of cinema, so where do we begin?

Nothing starts off dinner better than a good old fashioned glass of wine, which leads us to Paul Giamatti’s Sideways. The Oscar nominated film follows two friends on a bachelor party weekend as they make their way through California’s wine country. Interesting fact about the movie: due to Giamatti’s love of pinot noir in the film, the high-class wine hit record sales in the wake of the film’s award run. In fact, we’re thinking about popping a bottle of bubbly as a little afternoon pick me up just after thinking about it.

Few establishments are more classic than a diner, and the 1982 coming of age Diner did plenty to renew the nostaliga that small American eateries play in our national heritage. But don’t get us wrong. The film isn’t your typical Norman Rockwell depiction of classic Americana. Instead, Diner features some rowdy post-graduates who play their own share of grotesque pranks and partake in some gaudy collegiate humor that even makes Animal House blush. Which brings us to yet another great food moment depicted below.

Probably the biggest commercial success food film is Pixar’s Ratatouille, which as we all know follows the young rat Remy as he hopes to fulfill his dreams of becoming a gourmet chef. The film features such delicious treats as a hearty cream based soup, a surprisingly tasty looking veal liver, and of course, one of the fanciest renditions of the French roasted pepper and tomato peasant dish we’ve ever seen. Toss in an inside look at the seedier side of the restaurant business, a killer Michael Giacchino score that shimmers with class, and Pixar’s first ever drunk scene, and you can tell why this is one of the best food films of all time.

Well, it looks like it’s just about that time, but before I rush to grab my Tupperware and nosh down on some delectable delights, I bid you good lunch.

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