Cam In Studio 1

     What do you get when you mix a Super Bowl Quarterback,  a sports apparel and fitness company with 150 million users, and Creative Network Studios?…                                                                                                   A Production Power Play!

Cam Talent AboundsUnder Armour Founder and CEO Kevin Plank Is betting almost $1 billion that Under Armour can beat Nike  in  sports dominance according to an article in February issue of INC. Magazine. One of Plank’s leadership maxims is “Think like an entrepreneur. Create like an innovator. Perform like a teammate.”

And it was that teammate mentality that made the production of this major print and commercial campaign so AMAZING! It all started when Shane Baskin of sent Under Armour to shoot at Creative Network Studios, because their space was unavailable.  Now, that’s just plain selfless.  Then Steve Spalding and Scottie of lent their electrical expertise and ran over to advise on the power needs for this top shelf Cam Newton starring campaign. But, the teamwork didn’t stop there. Terry Rosebrock of worked tirelessly to make sure the additional AC was determined and delivered during almost 80* days of production, and made the booking and delivery process humorous and entertaining.

on set 2

Two areas in Studio B were used to re-create a football field setting, complete with yard lines and markings, on the 1200 square feet of sod that was laid on our white cyc and warehouse set area.  The crew and Under Armour staff of over 50 consisted of shoe and clothing designers, brand marketing gurus, brand producers, gaffers, grips, genny ops, still photographers, special effects personnel, personal trainers, wardrobe stylists and makeup artists. So, yes, team effort was the play of the day(s).

Wharehouse Before-After

White Cyc Sod Before-After

On a personal note, in the almost 27 years of work produced within these walls, I have never been complimented as much as during this shoot for the creative vibe and welcoming hospitality experienced at Creative Network Studios.  And the compliment is boomeranged one hundred fold; I have never been part of a community of professionals as represented by the Under Armour employees and executives.  Kevin Plank’s leadership maxims are definitely bred into his chosen team of 13,500 employees.

The company that has created a whole new market for performance apparel now sponsors some of the world’s greatest athletes, including Jordan Spieth, Stephen Curry, and Charlotte’s own Cam Newton.  When this bigger-than-life- superstar entered the studios one can’t help but be in awe.  Kudos to Under Armour for featuring this fun-loving pro athlete in their upcoming marketing campaigns.  Not only was he consistent and professional during the several hours of shooting, but his attention for, and appeal to the younger audience, is every brand’s dream.  What a perfect evidence of Teamwork, and Creative Network Studios was thrilled to play studio  host to the incredible and growing Under Armour brand.

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