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Undoubtedly the most famed and successful Evangelical pastor of the 20th century, the Reverend Billy Graham has continually preached the gospel throughout his now 95 year life. Graham has filled arenas and stadiums with thirsty souls and has counseled presidents in his illustrious career, but two things have always remained the same. His goal; provide the world with God’s message of salvation. His message: that everyone can find a place within the kingdom of God.

Tonight, FOX will be presenting a television special that largely features Graham’s own understanding of the brutality of the cross, and the amazing grace that Christ provided the world with his suffering and death. The special will also feature multiple unique testimonies, including a particularly moving story from prominent Christian rapper Lecrae Moore. Through these stories, Graham weaves the overarching message of God’s forgiveness, and the confrontation between our sinful nature, and God’s ability to break us from sin’s chains.

Make sure to watch Graham’s 95th Anniversary Special tonight at 10pm Eastern on FOX, to celebrate not only Billy’s amazing life, but also his never-changing focus.  Reverend Billy Graham’s life is evidence that God is always with us – through inspiration, life-changing messages and people who will forever touch our lives.  Creative Network Studios was developed to celebrate that spirit of creativity and inspiration within us all.

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