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Canon 1D MK IV

Hollywood’s Digital Age

The market has spoken as digital camera technology has replaced any remaining elements of physical film for consumer grade cameras. Even the typical smart phone cameras now have equal (if not far better) quality as analog models. The same shift from reels to digitized information is happening in movie studios around the world and the shift to digital has made almost all aspects of …

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Wes Anderson Bill Murray

The Most Successful Pairs Making Movies

There are some immortal pairs out there: America and Freedom, Bob Saget and a randy joke, Anthony Weiner and a good old fashioned sexual scandal. The list goes on. And while thinking about some of these closes knit symbiotic relationships, we’ve quickly come to realize that some of the best examples dynamic duos come from the movies. Whether we’re watching an artsy Johnny Depp …

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Teleprompter In Use E1379022328298

The Infallible Guide to Working a Teleprompter

“How many guys does it take to work a teleprompter?” We were all thinking that yesterday as Nathan wrangled a few miscellaneous screws from the workroom while Michael and Jeff tossed several “what the hell are these” pieces into an ever-growing pile. At one point, as a gag, one of the guys flipped on Flight of the Bumblebee as we ran around like …

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"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." Edward de Bono