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Social Media Marketing

You might be contemplating the potential impact of social media in your business marketing strategy. Perhaps you have even wondered if it’s just hype and might be another here today- gone tomorrow trend. Ever-changing options and rankings in popularity make keeping up with latest social media changes not easy. With over five billion searches a day, Google is clearly the …

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How to make a great submission video

How to make a great submission video.

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What does it mean to think outside the box? How do you do it and what can it do for you? This metaphorical catchphrase has the potential to add a new perspective over more common and conventional thinking practices. It means approaching problems in new and innovative ways. Understanding your position in relation to ways you have not thought of …

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  Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Frank Marino from your friends at Creative Network Studios and The Vegas Entertainment Network!  

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‘Insidious: Chapter 2′: Time to close the book

Can we just say this about director James Wan? If you like horror films and you notice he’s directed a horror film, make the investment and see it. Wan helmed 2010′s “Insidious,” a movie that cost $1.5 million to make and went on to earn over $97 Where do you go after you’ve visited a shadow dimension where the dead …

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Friday the 13th Special Interview

Friday the 13th Special Interview with Nathan! Friday the 13th has always been the unofficial unlucky holiday, and the date has also created one of the greatest horror icons of all time: Jason Voorhees. Watch as Nathan Wheeler interviews the nefarious Jason, in the talk of a lifetime, in our special Friday the 13th edition of our vlogs.  

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Jen vLog 1.0

Sarcastically funny video blog about musicians in movies. “Check out the real blog below!! (Hint. . . make sure you like to read! :)” Musicians in Movies One Direction has just released it’s own documentary titled This is Us, and regardless of how you feel about the band, the film is sure to draw millions of screaming fans to the theater. …

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Dogs in the Workplace

With cameras rolling, editors spending hours on the computer, and divas throwing tantrums, many studios have found that the cure for the constant stress of making movies is actually man’s best friend. Many studios in LA have long allowed dogs on site, and the trend is starting to catch. But whether these dog friendly policies are an attempt to save …

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BH Guide To Studio Lighting1

Film Lighting: The Basics of Three Point Lighting

Whether you want to give your set a fun bright color, cast a darkish noir mystique, or even heighten the importance of specific characters or objects, lighting is a subtle way to alter your film. Many large studios have legions of light operators and equipment at their disposal, but this is often expensive and not all that practical for filming …

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"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." Edward de Bono