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Hollywood or Bust

Once in a lifetime comes a director so profound that the Academy has no choice but to stand up and take notice. Since Cecil B. Demille’s “exodus” from Hollywood (and the Israelites from Egypt), talent as rare as seen in one of Creative Network Studios’ director-to-be intern will have the “Big 3″ studios clamoring for her to helm their next …

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Cam In Studio 1


     What do you get when you mix a Super Bowl Quarterback,  a sports apparel and fitness company with 150 million users, and Creative Network Studios?…                                                                   …

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Back Seat of the Chariot

I’m not a huge fan of name dropping, but sometimes you can’t help it when you’re acknowledging someone’s generosity of themselves, their world and their influence. Bruton Smith, Chairman and founder of two NYSE companies, Speedway Motor Sports, Inc. and Sonic Automotive, Inc, has been a great friend for over 25 years. We get to go places that only an …

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Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

Creative Network Studios provides many elements of production from creative concepts, shooting, editing, and expanding into the world of virtual reality. But sometimes it’s life’s stark realities that inspire us to use our abilities to bring attention to outstanding individuals. While building new content for Vegas Entertainment Network,, we met Larry Ruvo, an extraordinary businessman making significant strides toward …

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1st Annual Jaclyn’s Oscar Picks

CNS intern extraordinaire, Jaclyn, gives her picks for the major categories of the 88th Annual Academy Awards….Charles is STILL waiting on his coffee.

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Super People Make Super Bowls!

SUPER BOWL 50, airing Sunday, February 7th on CBS, is a huge deal, whether you’re rooting for the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos. Whether you’re pulling for the “Sheriff” or the “Showman”. Whether you’re waiting on a crowded corner in Charlotte, in anticipation of Sammy Yaravitz running down College Street wearing nothing but a grin and a Sir Purr …

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C Comparison

Not Affiliated with SPECTRE

It has recently come to our attention that the recent James Bond film, “SPECTRE”, has a company in it known as CNS. I am here today to disprove any notion that Creative Network Studios or “CNS” is the aforementioned entity. 1. The SPECTRE CNS is run by a man known as “C”. Our CNS is run…by a guy known as …

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Mr Blacklist Awakens

A few movies have come and gone since the cameras have rolled on Mr. Blacklist, but Cyrus King’s natural talent and charisma haven’t missed a plot. Falling easily back into his role as the resident movie (and everything) critic, Mr. Blacklist, he is living proof that the truly great ones make it look easy. Always a pop culture savant, Mr. …

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If you can dream it…

My name is Jaclyn Roth and I am a high school junior who stumbled across Creative Network Studios almost by accident, but I have never been more grateful for such an opportunity. The first time I walked into the studio, I was very overwhelmed but I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of warmth and welcome that radiated from everyone …

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Friday the 13th: a bad day for movie’s camp counselors…great day for high schoolers at CNS

Friday, March 13th turned out to be lucky for Creative Network Studios and sixteen Journalism/Broadcasting students from J. M. Robinson High School with teacher Tina Platk.   After re-scheduling due to a heavy production load, CNS hosted these young talents throughout an hour long tour of our eclectic production studios, with a private screening of a few production reels.  From …

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