Attitude of Gratitude


Here’s a little insight into behind-the-scenes at CNS November 2014. While working on a show pitch today the doorbell rang. My first thought, is it a solicitor; do I have to stop what I’m doing? When Nathan calls out, “It’s the students from John Crosland School!” Okay, no further deliberation; stop, run and welcome those kids! If you follow our blogs, you’ll remember there were three eager students, Tyler, Kruesi and Sarah, and one former theater major teacher, Cindy Dickinson, who joined us in October for Zombie Dropoff for #Paintball Paradyes @ CBS Radio. They “helped” with Nathan’s Zombie makeup prior to our downtown road trip. Tyler seemed more attentive to getting to know the dogs than getting to know his way around pancake makeup application. At the end of that fun-filled day, Sarah had noted on video, “This is the best day ever!”

Well, those four life-loving individuals came bearing gifts and a thankful spirit. We were handed a card covered with zebras and filled with thoughtfulness. Tyler had remembered each of the dogs’ names, {I struggle remembering people I met over the weekend}… The note ended with “It was a great day for us and we appreciate your kindness.” They made that day fun and today went extraterrestrial! Their thoughtfulness and luck in having a teacher who not only helps them with reading, writing and Arithmetic, but demonstrates life skills and the almost lost art of personally expressing one’s gratitude. Their gift reached far beyond the decorative YOU ROCK bag and jumped right into our ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE, encouraging CNS to pay it forward in their honor every time that doorbell rings.

“The John Crosland School is a community of innovative teachers that have created an educational experience for children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder (ADHD), dyslexia and Asperger’s that goes beyond the definition of ‘school.’ Our approach helps close the learning gap, and creates well-rounded students in the process.”

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