Art and Graphics Wednesday: Ralph Lauren takes a Dog Walk

2 The Dog Walk Ralph Lauren

What likely started as a fairly basic marketing add for Ralph Lauren has now shifted into a two minute segment from a Baz Lurhman short film on Parisian café life. While the glitz and glamor of the “short film”, as the advertising campaign is calling it, may seem a bit much for a commercial, Ralph’s son David is the proud producer of multiple critically acclaimed titles, including The Squid and the Whale and the recent The Spectacular Now. We can only assume he jumped at the chance to show off his film chops to his father and help out with the family business. So while it may seem somewhat odd and peculiar at first glance however, Ralph Lauren’s Dog Walk utilizes impressive film and graphic design tactics to make for some incredibly artistic advertising.


Let’s start with the design alone. Gorgeous models walk the chic streets of a black and white Paris giving a vintage look, cleverly playing the typical runway walk off as a quaint stroll past the boutiques and patisseries in which the model is simply taking the dog for a walk. There’s enough metaphorical and literary artistic duality to please Shakespeare, but this play on ideas and tropes is just the beginning. By utilizing colorful Ralph Lauren products against the simple background, the product pops even more, while also not being offsetting or popping too much. The bags red, yellow and light green play along with the back ground incredibly successfully, the environment complementing the soft colors rather than making them stick out like Neon’s in the Vegas desert.


The green screen work is equally fabulous, as each backdrop is perfectly designed so it’s really impossible to tell where green screen begins and set ends. Also, the design has almost a pop up storybook feel to it, making the green screen appear to be multi-dimensional; a pretty impressive feat.


And what advertising campaign doesn’t need a group of cute pooches, barking, snacking, and boasting impressive doggie sweaters and fashion wear? What makes the pups’ cameo even better though is its intent to encourage canine adoption and animal rights.

If you have yet to see this fantastic short art piece make sure to watch it at artistic green screen piece impressed you, make sure to check out some of CNS’s own impressive green screen pieces at our website !

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