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CREATIVE NETWORK has a “creative vibe” that has drawn extraordinary comments.  From major LA studio executives to high profile people of creative merit, the consistent theme of providing an atmosphere that feeds the creative soul has been expressed many times over.  We welcome you to personally sample this cornucopia of creativity within our hand-painted offices and eclectic studios.

CREATIVE NETWORK has been a vertically integrated company for almost 25 years managing production from creation to final post for both in-house and outside clients’ needs.

CREATIVE NETWORK enjoys creating concepts that endeavor to build strong emotional bonds through the powerful appeal of entertainment.

CREATIVE NETWORK understands the art of storytelling through images and memorable copy.

CREATIVE NETWORK’s multiple green screen technology allows production value of appearing to have traveled anywhere in the world with the cost effectiveness of shooting in an easy-access controlled environment.

CREATIVE NETWORK can customize and accommodate sets to meet virtually any need. Set construction, variety and experience under one roof have brought clients from New York, Los Angeles, Canada and as far away as Italy.

Creative Network Studios

Creative Network Studios is located five (5) miles from Charlotte City Hall.

Two (2) soundstages:

Stage 1: 4,200 sq. ft open area within 7,500 sq. ft. space includes green pre-lit hard CYC (30′ x 25′ x 16′ grid)

Stage 2: 7,500 sq. ft. includes two-wall hard cyc (55′ x 25′ x 16′ grid)

Make-up Room, Conference Area with large screen viewing capabilities and Production Offices


In 2004, CNS was chosen to build the firm’s brand by creating an expedited campaign featuring Johnnie Cochran within months of his untimely death attributed to brain cancer. The initial campaign, created within a two week period, resulted in several thousand calls that produced over five hundred new clients. The personal brand image created by CNS was carried throughout a National Bar Association visual honorarium, as well as the final tribute video played at his funeral, attended by hundreds of friends and dignitaries who shared Johnnie Cochran’s desire to correct discretionary laws.


“CNS has been intricate to our exceptional growth over the past ten years.” Randy Porter, Director of Advertising. The American Ranch Leather Collection featuring Academy Award Winning Actor Jack Palance introduced CNS’s 3-year Lane Leather advertising campaign. This promotion exceeded all sales expectations and was one of the many marketing and advertising strategic elements that boosted Lane’s sales from $216 million to over one billion in less than five years.


CNS and the Norman Vincent Peale Foundation produced this live two-hour show within a short 30-day window. It was the highest rated Fall Special on TNN honoring six unsung American Heroes. The program was hosted by Willie Nelson and featured over thirty celebrities including President Reagan, Shania Twain, Eddie Arnold, Ray Stevens and Larry King.


CNS was at the ground level of this revolutionary food lifestyle restaurant chain, documenting tastings, founding management team meetings, naming of the brand process, location searches and social consciousness. Developed by former McDonald’s president and chief operating officer Mike Roberts, LYFE stands for Love Your Food Everyday, with its first prototype restaurant opening in Palo Alto, CA.


CNS’s innovative concept for reinvigorating their brand with entitlement television sponsorships, remodeling of their 450 stores, employee incentive programs and first time national magazine print and commercials increased their earnings by 70% within ten months.


CNS has been recognized for excellence several times over its almost 25 years by recognition from premiere film, television and print organizations such as Telly, Aurora, and Mobius Advertising Awards for Outstanding Creativity. CNS created corporate and product taglines such as “Every 30 seconds someone chooses BROYHILL.” The Pontiac regional campaign “The Love Affair Goes On” drew so much grassroots interest that taglines were repeated on storefronts, billboards and building signage of widespread businesses.


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"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." Edward de Bono