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            Many graphic design artists understand that one of the best places to pull inspiration from for new ideas is pre-existing designs. But few people have the nerve to actively attempt to mix two pre-existing logos, which has made the newly famous “logo-mash-up” Tumblr account so popular. The artist has taken up finding a mix of both effective and occasionally silly pairs of logos, and so far they’ve been a major hit, accruing a number of fans and viewers. Below you can see a particularly silly mashup that will make Rock-N-Roll experts roll over in their graves, but would still make for a pretty neat t-shirt. {All mash-up logos courtesy of}


Here’s one that’s almost too obvious in a smart mix of credit and banking.


Not going to lie, as farm and southern-raised folk we probably found this one the most amusing.


Now some of these seem incredibly effective, while others are more fun for amusement purposes, but this provides an interesting look for burgeoning young graphic designers to try their hand at rethinking some of the most famous marketing logos and there are actually some terrific avenues to utilize these designs. Possibly the best example of these mash-ups in action is also one of the trendiest things now on college campuses across America. Sorority and fraternity designed t-shirts and party paraphernalia often incorporate designs playing off of already famous ideas. Plenty of frat boys steal from their favorite beer logos or manly franchises, simply substituting in words to represent their own brotherhood.


Sororities tend to branch out a bit more, utilizing everything from famed TV show logos, to favorite restaurants, to shout outs to their favorite Disney movies.


Now of course, keep in mind many of these logos are in fact protected under copyright law, so of course, these mash-ups are for friend groups and humor rather than retail. That being said, they are a great opportunity to perfect your own graphic abilities, a fun way to learn the programs, and a good way to advertise small events with a creative parody.   For more fun parodies on logos make sure to check out If you’re looking for professional out-of-the-box original ideas, make sure to contact us at to find the ideal logo or professional design for your business! We’ve perfected some of our own memorable logos and we’d love to help you with yours!

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"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." Edward de Bono