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CREATIVE NETWORK has a "creative vibe" that has drawn extraordinary comments. From major LA studio executives to high profile people of creative merit, the consistent theme of providing an atmosphere that feeds the imagination of the soul has been expressed many times over. We welcome you to personally sample this cornucopia of creativity within our hand-painted offices and expansive production studios.

CREATIVE NETWORK STUDIOS is a featured production facility on North Carolina Film Commission’s site {NCFilm.com}. Providing top shelf, cost- effective production for commercials, television, web series and films; both independent as well as theatrical.

CREATIVE NETWORK has been a vertically integrated company for over 28 years, managing the production process from brainstorming creation to final post for both in-house and outside clients’ needs.

CREATIVE NETWORK enjoys assisting and/or creating concepts that endeavor to build strong emotional bonds through the powerful appeal of entertainment.

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The inspired environment of Creative Network Studios attracts some of the most influential individuals in the world of entertainment and public personas. Creative vibes welcome you the moment you walk inside, via the allure of the production playground called CNS. Filmmakers, sports stars, business leaders, visionaries and friends are welcome.

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CREATIVE NETWORK STUDIOS offers some of the best filming space in the southeast. From our EXPANSIVE white cyc studio space, pre-lit 25’x30’green cyc, authentic looking warehouse set, to large variety of background walls made of chrome, fabricated textured cave, and hand- stained wood conference room sets, that add dimension and unique perspectives to your ideas.

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